What we do?

UnLocal’s Queer Immigrant Justice Project (QIJP) provides LGBTQ+ affirming legal representation for LGBTQ+ immigrants. QIJP addresses the intersectional needs of immigrants that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community vulnerable to being victims of crime, abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of violence.


We can help

QIJP provides free legal services for legal name changes, gender marker changes, affirmative and defensive immigration representation, and also provides referrals to social service organizations, as well as community-based education and engagement.

We think about you

QIJP addresses the reality that LGBTQIA+ immigrants, particularly Black and brown and TGNC immigrants, experience disproportionately high levels of discrimination and violence on an interpersonal and state level by providing holistic legal services and community education. QIJP represents queer immigrants in immigration court and at the asylum office, connecting them to health care, housing, therapy, transitioning support, and more. Collaborating with a variety of community-based partners, QIJP works to assist LGBTQIA+ immigrants in gaining their footing and developing a supportive and culturally affirming system of support. QIJP provides a lifeline for queer immigrants fleeing their countries of origin so that they can live safely and freely in the USA.