UnLocal, Inc. is a community-centered non-profit organization that provides direct immigration legal representation and community education to New York City’s undocumented immigrant communities. UnLocal recognizes the needs of all immigrants and tailors its programming to identify specific gaps in services that are not sufficiently provided elsewhere. UnLocal accomplishes its mission through its two main programs: the Legal Representation Program and the Community Education Program.


Providing and expanding access to immigration legal representation especially for undocumented immigrants, that is community-based, trustworthy, collaborative, affirming and multilingual;

Developing projects to fill gaps in services that addresses emerging and changing needs;

Recognizing the need for holistic advocacy, including referral-based case management and collaboration with community based organizations and services, to provide truly comprehensive legal representation;

Listening to directly impacted individuals and communities to drive the direction, dissemination, and priorities for UnLocal’s legal representation and community education.


UnLocal, Inc. was founded in 2008 and originally conceived as an online resource for immigrant New Yorkers to provide information about New York-based social services.  UnLocal, Inc. volunteers conducted a needs assessment by organizing a meeting of immigrant leaders and services providers, wrote a business plan in collaboration with NYU’s Stern School of Business and created an internship program at the International High School of Prospect Heights, in which recent immigrant teens participated in the business plan process.

After a pause, in 2011, UnLocal became active once again and secured 501(c)(3) status with the support of CUNY School of Law’s Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN) Incubator for Justice, an incubating space for individuals and non-profits aimed at serving communities underserved by legal services. With CLRN’s support,  UnLocal revised its mission and became a direct legal services provider and community education organization for New York’s City’s undocumented immigrants.