Pro Se Plus Project

The Pro Se Plus Project (PSPP) empowers migrants to advocate for themselves and mobilizes community supporters.

PSPP creates and delivers robust community education workshops explaining US immigration, eligibility requirements for asylum and work authorization, application and filing procedures before USCIS and immigration court, evidence packets, and preparation for interviews and court hearings.

PSPP trains community supporters, non-profit partners, volunteers, and pro bono attorneys to understand the requirements for asylum, work authorization, and more to increase capacity to assist recently arrived migrants.

PSPP screens and triages newly arrived migrants and direct them to community education workshops, accessible multilingual materials, and pro se assistance clinics.

PSPP designs and hosts pro se clinics for recently arrived migrants to receive pro se assistance in completing and filing their asylum and work authorization applications.

PSPP helps people avoid exploitation, in absentia removal orders, notario fraud, and missed deadlines.

PSPP is a collaboration of African Communities Together, Catholic Migration Services, Central American Legal Assistance, Masa, New York Legal Assistance Group, UnLocal and Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid.