What we do?

UnLocal’s Post Order Defense Team works with non-citizens who have a removal order and are either already detained or at risk of detention and deportation by ICE. We use a comprehensive approach combining legal representation, social work support, and community education and advocacy to best represent each client. The Post Order Defense Team works as part of New York’s Rapid Response Legal Collaborative, which encompasses UnLocal, Make the Road New York, and the New York Legal Assistance Group.

At this time we do not have the capacity for universal representation. In order for us to consider your case you must:

Have a removal order
You can find out if you have a removal order by entering your “A” number here

Be at imminent risk of detention and/or deportation

  • You have ICE check-ins and no pending appeals nor pending applications OR.
  • You have been detained by ICE and don’t have a stay of removal. Check where your loved one is detained here.
  • If you have had interactions with law enforcement that resulted in your arrest the likelihood of ICE detention increases.

To request an intake with our team please fill out the online initial referral form here.


  • For information on how to help your loved one please read our online resource guide here.
  • For information on how to reach your loved one’s Deportation Officer and other useful knowledge, see our Manual for Migrants Impacted by Detention in New York.
  • For information on specific detention centers in New Jersey and New York, such as contact and visitation information, please click here

  • Social work advocacy: referrals to essential services and resources, supportive counseling around clients’ immigration system involvement, post-release planning, and transitional socio-emotional support for recently released clients 
  • Arrangement of bond payments by sponsoring non-profit organizations
  • Know Your Rights trainings and materials
  • Supporting community advocacy 
  • Engagement with coalitions within NY State and nationally to abolish ICE, detention, E-carceration (i.e. ankle monitoring), and campaigns to #FreeThemAll

To request an intake with our team please
fill out the online initial referral form