A Decade of UnLocal: Stories and Recipes from Our Community



In honor of our ten year anniversary, we are publishing A Decade of UnLocal: Stories and Recipes from our Community.

This book, full of recipes, stories, poetry, and art highlights the many talents and accomplishments of our community and captures our community and history over the past decade.

As a child, my parents and grandparents cooked us dishes like paprikash krumpli verslivel, paprikash cherka, and krumplileves. The oil from the chicken and the bright red of the paprika would puddle on my plate in tiny bubbles, where I’d splash the salty potatoes. Before she passed away, we tried to save my grandmother’s recipes- goulash, spaetzle and  Zserbo. To this day, the smells and tastes of this food remind me of our kitchen at 28 Cypress Place, as if dinner is still there waiting.” – Michele Lampach, UnLocal Founder, Foreword

All those who donate $25 or more will receive a copy of the book.