This year, UnLocal is dedicating its #GivingTuesday campaign to raising funds for our free immigration legal services because #LegalRepresentationMatters. In 2019, we have seen the attacks on asylum, the escalation of enforcement, abuse of power and cruelty. The ray of light has been the resilience of the communities we work with, the families we stand alongside and the advocates who dedicate their lives to providing legal representation every day. UnLocal immigration attorneys and advocates are boldly committed to representing our remarkable clients, refusing to let the attacks on immigrant communities deter us. There are some days that are harder than others, but we will continue to persevere.

This week we share a story of one family who has persevered with incredible courage. UnLocal was able to assist them in winning asylum by providing compassionate and holistic legal representation and with that a chance at a safe and stable life. We want to share the message and ask for support this year because #LegalRepresentationMatters and can mean the difference between a family remaining together and facing permanent separation. Legal representation can mean the difference between life and death.

Please support our legal team, today’s superheroes.


Passport Photos

$25  UnLocal represents many asylum seeking families. When submitting an application for asylum, each application requires a passport photo. This would help a family of two obtain passport photos for their asylum application.


Monthly Desk Space

$700 Cover the monthly rental cost of one attorney desk. Each UnLocal attorney carries a caseload of 50-100 cases.


Paper Life of a Case

$200  Submissions to immigration court are lengthy and costly. As many cases span over several years, multiple submissions  are often required with extensive briefing and supporting documentation.


Save Asylum

$2500  Help provide legal representation to an asylum seeker in immigration court. This legal representation is provided completely free to our clients. 


Help One of Our Young  Clients Apply to College

$100 UnLocal’s New York State Dream Act Fellow is helping immigrant students obtain financial assistance and scholarships to attend college. Since the New York State Dream Act passed earlier this year, students in New York can receive state financial aid regardless of immigration status.


Overnight Mailing of Asylum Application

$50 The cost of mailing one asylum application overnight to ensure the client does not miss the one year filing deadline. Currently, clients must submit their asylum applications within one year of arriving in the U.S.


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