Our Mission and Impact

UnLocal, Inc. seeks to re-imagine the way legal services are delivered to immigrants in New York City. We are committed to serving the unmet legal needs of New York City’s immigrant communities by:


  • Providing and expanding access to legal representation for indigent, especially undocumented immigrants, that is affordable, trustworthy, comprehensive, and multilingual;
  • Educating immigrant communities about their rights under immigration laws, how to best prepare for future immigration proceedings and how to protect themselves against fraud, coercion, and opportunism among private immigration attorneys and unauthorized practitioners of law;
  • Employing holistic advocacy through referral-based case management in collaboration with other service providers, community-based organizations and city agencies;
  • Developing special projects to address immigration issues based on community needs and assessments.


  • Securing and/or providing legal representation to individuals whose cases are not likely to be picked up by other immigration legal service providers due to lack of likelihood of success and/or case complexity;
  • Addressing the gap in representation for low-to-middle income immigrants who do not qualify for free legal services, but who cannot afford market-rate private attorneys, through referrals to low-bono and sliding scale attorneys in our network;
  • Raising the caliber and depth of the private immigration bar by offering opportunities for mentorship and community-based partnerships.

UnLocal’s multifaceted approach targets all dimensions of integration and addresses longer-term needs: social and political rights, cultural and religious diversity, and citizenship and participation.  Ultimately, this approach will lead to increased economic stability in New York City’s immigrant communities, allowing individuals to realize their full potential.