Immigration Legal Representation

UnLocal’s Clients and Services

*Each numeric bubble is a representation of one current or past UnLocal client, their country of origin, primary language and immigration service provided to them by UnLocal.

UnLocal’s Objective

UnLocal Inc. offers free or low cost, high-quality legal consultations, representation, education and/or social service referrals for low-income New Yorkers living in the five boroughs. Additional fees paid to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services may be applicable. Educating immigrant communities about their rights under immigration laws, how to best prepare for the future. To schedule an appointment, call our Manhattan office at

(646) 216-8210

Immigrant Child Legal Services Project

The Immigrant Child Legal Services Project (ICLS Project) provides direct legal representation to assist New York City’s undocumented youth in obtaining Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) and/or other immigration benefits, such as asylum, prosecutorial discretion and/or “U” and “T” visas for survivors of crimes and trafficking. These forms of immigration relief ultimately lead to permanent status. The need for increased legal representation in this area is profound and UnLocal attorneys have taken on larger caseloads to try and address this need. As part of the legal representation, UnLocal staff also provide collateral social services to meet the non-legal needs of our young clients.

Deportation Defense

UnLocal attorneys work on asylum, cancellation of removal and forms of immigration relief for clients in removal proceedings. Our focus is working on cases with highly complex issues of law and collateral social services needs that are not likely to get placed at other immigration legal service providers.


Post Deportation Project

Ferguson Family

We believe that the immigration system is stacked against immigrants. And once they are deported, they often leave behind a family that needs them back in their lives. UnLocal is currently working on bringing back Mr. Ferguson, a Trinidadian man who was deported back to his birth country. We recently partnered with Hello Vuelo, an organization that fundraises to send people back to their country if they are not able to financially afford the trip. You can find pictures of the Fergusons reuniting after several years of being separated, here.


Dreamer Project

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

As part of our commitment to youth, UnLocal, Inc. attorneys have assisted dozens of young people in applying for DACAResulting from President Obama’s Executive Order (EO), UnLocal assists individuals under the age of 31 at the time of the EO, who entered the U.S. before the age of 16, are enrolled in or have graduated from high school or a GED program, entered the U.S. on or before June 15, 2007 and were present on June 15, 2012. They may be eligible for work authorization and something called Deferred Action.

Advance Parole Project

UnLocal is assisting Dreamers who have DACA to apply for Advance Parole to travel for 1. humanitarian reasons, 2. educational purposes or 3. business-related travel. Many Dreamers have not traveled internationally since arriving in the U.S. but with Advance Parole, a valid travel document, Dreamers may visit ailing family members, take advantage of study abroad programs and partake in overseas business assignments.